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28-Mar-2020 04:11

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Ever since, Braff has been buffeted between extremes of adulation and excoriation, buzz and backlash. His new film, Wish I Was Here, which features the same screwball humour and schmaltzy sentimentality, is going to be lapped up by his fans, and make others want to punch him.

On the day we meet – in the cosy lobby of New York's Bowery Hotel – he appears as earnest and goofy as he does on screen. Braff, being Braff, is now riding the wave of a new controversy.

Some people will love it, some people won't, but most importantly, you'll make something with and for your fans." The irony of the vitriol was that it helped the project.

As he explains: "The detractors were driving more traffic to the campaign than anyone else.

He studied at the Northwestern University School of Communication and completed the graduation in 1997.

He belongs to white ethnicity and is an American national.

"Rich person Zach Braff wants the internet to pay for his next movie," reported the American website Gawker. "It was about fighting for artistic integrity," he says. If I want to make money I'd go do a network TV show.

This experiment, which was a tremendous success, was [to find out] what it would be like if you took all the corporate involvement out of the process and you made a movie with and for your fans.

But he later denied the rumors and claimed that he was a victim of some hackers, who tried putting his fame in jeopardy.If you were young at the time, it seemed like a film by which you could define yourself.

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