Young dro dating

10-Feb-2020 16:29

Last night Dro hosted a listening party at a club in Atlanta, and his bae Joseline came out to support.

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Barrino, She was in a relationship with the famous American rapper Young Dro for two years from. Dro has released the first single, “FDB,” which has already proven to be one of the hottest records in Atlanta with all three urban mainstream stations playing the record in full time rotation.Dro released a mixtape, Day Two, earlier this month as a follow up to h is widely successful Day One Mixtape of 2006.Christ what have we done as black men to be shitted on like this? It has to be painful to reach that far to be upset. — Meekah Proctor (@meeksz_) April 30, 2018 The same black men whining about Issa Rae have likely said far worse about black women.

— Dre Took Her🇬🇾 (@Real Bearded Dre) April 29, 2018 NIGGA TWITTER: Issa Rae is cancelled. NT: She said in her book that black women & Asian men should marry. Issa likely made her proposal in jest, but you all tend to be serious.

I.] You might see her on them roller skates Broke ass nigga 'pose to hate Who the fuck she think she is All a nigga know to say She passin' by 'em blowin hay Leanin' on a shoulder blade 'Shoulder Leanin' as Dro would say She blowin on an O a day Superfreaks and beauty queens She like to see them do they thing As soon as they get to the scene They shinin' hard as you done seen The baddest bitches you done seen Earrings give off a bluish gleam Rollin on a couple beans May be high off other things [Young Dro] She might be high as fuck But TIP it might just be my ring And how I got this other bitch She lickin on my ding-o-ling I broke her slow And stroked it slow Lick it watch it grow some mo Bust a nut Bust a nut And watch her fuck that ho some more She said 'Dro can you go some mo?