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WPF comes with a handy control for displaying progress, called the Progress Bar.It works by setting a minimum and maximum value and then incrementing a value, which will give a visual indication on how far in the process you currently are.Here on Windows 7, it has a nice animated gradient, as seen on the screenshot.The above example illustrates how simple it is to use a Progress Bar, but normally you would of course want to show the progress of some actual work and not just a static value.In these cases, you can display an “indeterminate” progress bar by setting the Is Indeterminate property to true.A green bar will repeatedly slide across the face of the Progress Bar to show that something is happening.The Progress Bar below shows that we’ve loaded 5 out of 12 records, so the Progress Bar is 42% full.

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The Progress Bar is, just like other standard WPF controls, rendered to match the visual style of the operating system.

In code, we declare properties for total number of records and number already loaded.

When the user clicks on the Button, we set up a timer that increments the # records loaded each time that it ticks (twice a second). You’ll often want to let a user know that something is happening in the background in your application.

Any modern computer can do this faster than you can blink your eyes, so I've added a delay to each iteration of 100 milliseconds.

Unfortunately, as I already described, nothing will happen.

Notice the special String Format syntax, which allows us to show the value with a percentage sign postfix - it might look a bit strange, but please see the String Format article of this tutorial for more information on it.