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Not out of narcissism or lack of curiosity about who else was going to be sharing the pixels. Tell me what authentic is."Kelly insists she's prepared to be loathed.

Rather, she simply wanted to come off as spontaneous. When she was putting together The Bikini Book, "I read that in the '50s, women were going to be handcuffed for wearing a bikini," she says.

Kelly was now telling her friends, "There's always Canada." (As if there could be any refuge from the bloopers of her life now served up for the world to review and ridicule.) Regrets? Now seated on what she calls her Barbie couch at her loft downtown, lipstick pink and buxom with pillows made from Hermès scarves that would otherwise be languishing in a drawer (an example, she says, of how she stays "green"), Kelly is explaining why she did the show. "I was like, it's not enough for New York to know me. And though Kelly professes to be a watcher of Rock of Love ("awesome!

" she calls it) and Tool Academy ("insaaane"), she claims she purposely didn't sample any previous Real Housewives episodes. Honestly, if being inauthentic means graduating from Columbia University, writing three books, starting two magazines, bearing two children [daughters Sea, 10, and Teddy, 8], being the ambassador for wool, running a marathon for charity — if that's inauthentic?

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Says Kelly now, "One of the worst things about putting yourself out there is exposing yourself to situations you never dreamed would be a reality."There is no joy in Type-A-ville: Bethenny traces her dislike of Kelly to a party where she claims Kelly flirted with her then-boyfriend. "There's an inauthenticity to Kelly that I just instinctively sense," Bethenny remarks in an early episode.

Lucy’s marriage to a renowned artist is slowly crumbling, with an explosive secret that threatens them both.