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et alii, 2015, New archaeological, anthropologicaland genetic aspects in the study of Alans from the Don region. Chang Hua'an, 常華安: The Eastward Migration of Sauromatians: The Most Suspicious Issue in Chinese History, ISBN 978-986-151-8, Taipei China. considering that the population of Sauromatians (about 600,000, excluding Scythians, 200,000) comprises only 1-2% of the total population of China when they entered China in 5th century AD, the distribution of Y chromosome haplogroup N among Sauromatians is relatively high, probably higher than 61.5% of that of Finland, E-mail 5 maart 2015: I presume: Y chromosome haplogroups among Uyghur people in Xing-jiang as follows: R1a, 29.4%, should have descended from Tocharians (Guz and Kutsi), N, 4.8%, from Sauro people (Kachgar), G2, 1.6%, from Massagetaes, J2, 14.43%, from Saka, R1b, 6.41%, from Sogdians. De volgende werken dienden als basis voor de pagina's Alanen en Sarmaten.

Panhuijsen, Romeins Maastricht en zijn beelden, 1966, pag.

Also, with respect to mt DNA, Ossetians are significantly more similar to Iranian groups than to Caucasian groups. Procopius van Caesarea, De Oorlogen, Υπερ των πολεμων, III 3, 2, noemt Geiseric Γωδιγισκλου, Godigisklou, waar de Romeinen dan weer Godigisclus van maken. - Robert Nouwen, Tongeren en het land van de Tungri (31 -284 . B.: De titel is wat bescheiden, paragraaf 9.7 beschrijft in het kort ook de late keizertijd (284-476 ).

The mt DNA data suggest a common origin for North and South Ossetians, whereas the Y-haplogroup data indicate that North Ossetians are more similar to other North Caucasian groups, and South Ossetians are more similar to other South Caucasian groups, than to each other. Justine Davis Randers-Pehr, Barbarians and Romans, The Birth Struggle of Europe, A. - Iaroslav Lebedynsky, Les Sarmates, Amazones et Lanciers cuirasss entre Oural et Danube, VIIe sicle av. - Agust Alemany, Sources on the Alans, A Critical Compilation, Handbook of Oriental Studies, section eight, Central Asia, Brill, Leiden-Boston-Kln 2000. - Justine Davis Randers-Pehr, Barbarians and Romans, The Birth Struggle of Europe, A.

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II 5, 7, hij noemt hen hier οι βασιλειοι, De koninklijken. meent echter dat deze Koninklijken tot de Scythen behoorden. Leri Tavadze, Frontier System of Georgia: Problems of the Northern Borders in Antiquity in Spekali #2 Georgian Studies. 4 v.c.- 65), Tragoediae, Thyestes, 369 koor: Reges conveniant licet ...... In regel 128 krijgt de noordewind Boreas het epitheton Sarmaticus. Harald Haarmann, Lexikon der untergegangenen Vlker. We suggest that a common origin of Ossetians from Iran, followed by subsequent male-mediated migrations from their Caucasian neighbours, is the most likely explanation for these results. Irina Zasetskaya, Bosporus (Kerč) in der Zeit der Vlkerwanderung, Grab 22, Necropole von Kerč Krim, um 400 , Staatliche Eremitage, St Petersburg, in Rom und die Barbaren: Europa zur Zeit der Vlkerwanderung, Bonn, 2008. Bibliotheca Augustana, Fachhochschule Augsburg, Deutschland, manuscript, circa 430, Notitia dignitatum omnium tam civilium quam militarium utriusque imperii occidentis orientisque. - Jens Lning, Albrecht Jockenhhvel, Helmut Bender, Tortsen Capelle, Deutsche Agrargeschichte Vor- und Frh- geschichte, 1996. - Drinkwater, John and Elton, Hugh, Fifth-Century Gaul: A Crisis of Identity? "This is a really bad idea.""She doesn't have a filter," Martin said, "so I'm not going to, either."Sounds like a match made in heaven.

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