While updating the default player

27-Jun-2020 17:47

while updating the default player-43

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The media program will open but the file never plays.The problem occurs regardless if I select the file to be played from Windows Explorer or from the media players file / open command or if I try to stream a video or audio file from a website. When I connect my MP3 player to my PC, Windows Media Player pops up. On the bottom right of the Media Player, it keeps saying Updating Media Player (going on for hours). Im not getting the media from Windows7 anymore, but it still says updating media library. Select the library which you don’t want Windows Media Player 12 (WMP 12) to monitor. Right-Click on the library location and select Remove. Click Organize again and click 'Apply media information changes'. I've struggled with same problem for a whole day and found a workaround.Now my pictures and videos keep adding themselves to the player. Second, when I delete a song, I get $IZQSPI6 added under OTHER / Unknown Album for each song I delete. There is a special file called "wmpfolders.wmdb" which stored information about all folders looked through by WMP.WMP will work fine until I either press stop and then play again on the same file or if I click on a different file in Windows Explorer.I've tried other media players and I get the same result.I've reinstalled Win7 to resolve some little issues I had. Now, WMP just won't play ANY MP3 files (including ones it ripped!

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I will open and play any media in Winamp or WMP just fine from the beggining but after closing it or stopping playback and then going to resume play again later it will freeze.

Ok, let's start from start, as I've read a bit around, and seen all kinds of misunderstandings around this issue. My Windows Media Player is too slow updating library.

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