Which rockstar is liz jones dating

18-Sep-2020 19:26

"I thought it was my right, given that he was living with me and I had bought him many, many M&S ready meals.

"The ‘theft’ itself was alarmingly easy to carry out.

:) She was also recently honoured (and flattered, as she said on Twitter) by Horrible Histories programme naming a sports reporter 'Claire Receding'! AND I want to know what other bits and pieces she has had tweaked..... Must say I found her attack on Clare a bit strong though,hope she returns to better journalism in next sunday`s offering. She'd never realise the irony there :rolleyes: oh, and we are all cruel supporters of fox murder, racehorse slaughter and beating, and stuff. I think Clare will be more than capable of rising above such rubbish: D As for her wearing cheap clothes - I suspect most of us would like to afford clothes as 'cheap' as Clares - I think she always looks entirely appropriate for the occaision as well as looking 'normal' and approachable: D I have had the 'pleasure' of meeting both women - Liz Jones was obsessed with knowing where I had bought my Costa as all the rest was 'undrinkable' :rolleyes: I was working at the NEC at the Clothes Show:rolleyes: and I saw Clare at Burghley on a stand and said hello to her before saying 'I'm sorry I have realised I don't actually know you' :eek: She just laughed and said 'It happens all the time - are you having a good time?

now I'm wondering if she sees a shrink, surely she must, she has so many issues. ' : D she couldn't have been more normal: D I know who I would rather spend time with: DI read (well, started to read) one of her pieces a few years ago but never wasted my time again: she must be able to touch type, because there's no way she could see her keyboard due to the massive chip on her shoulder.

The other hilarious thing about the Jones woman is that she totally contradicts herself in the public domain, and thinks we are all so thick we won't notice!

I heard her on Womans Hour one day and a couple of weeks later wrote an "article" (I wouldn't wipe my backside with them) doing a complete about face on the same subject.

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Now I just feel sorry for her because she is always complaining about something or someone. Well done for rescuing animals, but please understand your way is not the only way. Trying to really decide what it was and then thought, simplistically, I enjoy CB's immense Joie de Vivre and intelligence. I have to confess i have been addicted to Liz Jone's diary over the years,but she is the most spiteful,ungrateful person to walk the earth.

It appears she has now moved to Yorkshire which is great for the South West, in the 20 odd years we have lived here we have received a warm welcome from most, and would never leave.

If ever you read LJ's, she has a go at anyone who seems to be doing well in the public eye, the sad thing is on her personal front she looks better than ever before in her life thanks to all the surgery, now if someone could just arrange a personality transplant she'd have a happy life.....

One night, after sex, I took the used condom and, in the privacy of the bathroom, I did what I had to do. "As it turned out, my attempts to get pregnant by Trevor failed, and shortly afterwards he and I split up.

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"But my dreams of motherhood persisted, and I resorted to similarly secretive methods to conceive in my next relationship." Now Twitter has been deluged with reaction to the article and "Liz Jones" has become Thursday's second-top trending term in the UK.Liz Jones, the Daily Mail columnist, has sparked outrage, amusement and bemusement after claiming she once stole her boyfriend’s sperm so she could get pregnant.

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