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Her legs were moved to the side, stretching her into a split wider than she had imagined she could manage herself. But then again nothing more happened for a long while."Oh my god, it has malfunctioned - I am going to die like this," she said behind the gag, but it sounded more like "o ai od eh ah ahunkeh - a ae oheehe ou ai aih ich". She was pushed from orgasm to orgasm, getting sorer each time. It will get really interesting next time when you will be allowed to place yourself available on our web site.

She screamed, begged, cursed, but the machine never relented. Her breath was ragged, she struggled for air, and her fingers were clawing at the armrests. There are some pretty perverted men - and women - out there. She drifted in and out of sleep until she heard a buzz and her cuffs and helmet were unlocked from the frame. She removed the cuffs and the helmet."Whow, this has been insane," she mumbled to herself. Her body hurt, and her clit was a throbbing centre of pain. She checked the time; she had been on the frame for a good three hours.

For intensity and duration, she had chosen "Medium, Random" for all settings, except duration.

There she had set 24 hours, only to see it revert to 6 hours. Soon she heard the familiar clicks indication that they had locked. She carefully placed herself on the frame, only now realizing how sore she was from the test run of yesterday."Get on the frame NOW, cunt!

Tomorrow it would be Friday, and she had a day off. What if she set up a single session to last the entire extended weekend... Chapter 2, First time on the net The display on her Bondage Master Frame (BMF) was counting down. Lucy had reviewed limits, she was confident that she could almost take whatever the frame would unleash on her.

She really wanted the fun of being taken beyond what she could endure.

The shiny stainless steel, the leather pads, the leg rests, seat, and armrests - it all looked very ominous. The big LCD screen lit up, ran through some self-tests and presented her with a menu. The first screen after setup just had one button: "Test Run".

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