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31-May-2020 12:06

I'm afraid all the time, because my best is never good enough. A case in point, a family member was always called a drama queen by her parents and ignored, belittled, discouraged and never really responded to about her fears.

What matters is ultimately not what I think; treading water in this competitive world requires social approval and constant confirmation that one is "good enough". Example: she started cutting at 12 but it was just considered another bid for attention and ignored.

At 23 she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder after she crashed, dropped out of college (a Dean's List student), attempted suicide 5 times in 18 months.

What we know now was if she had been taken seriously and her fears and anxiety addressed in a serious and respectful way when she was 12, she would be a better functioning adult now at 25.

Love, comfort, trust—they have never experienced any of these.

I would think it impossible for any Drama Person to "grow up", because their frame of reference does not include the emotional tones which everyone seems to expect they should just somehow know & understand.

In that process they exhaust everyone in the present by replaying whatever story they are telling themselves from their pasts. Despite their efforts to involve you, there is nothing you can do to change them because changing them means trying to change personal histories, which is not possible. I don't think Drama Persons feel safe in the world.

I don't think their behavior is about anthing except pure survival.

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Drama persons thrive on attention, but that’s because they learned to feel invisible and unimportant. They are merely trying to convince themselves, by trying to convince you, that they matter.They are blind to the feelings of others and have failed to develop the coping skills necessary for an adult life.