Updating your technology knowledge dear deidre dating

03-Feb-2020 23:30

How might we examine these issues from a sociological perspective?

A structural functionalist would probably focus on what social purposes technology and media serve.

Someone applying the interactionist perspective to technology and the media might seek to understand the difference between the real lives we lead and the reality depicted on “reality” television shows, such as the U.

These are some of the questions that interest sociologists.

From the first calculator, invented in 2400 BCE in Babylon in the form of an abacus, to the predecessor of the modern computer, created in 1882 by Charles Babbage, all of our technological innovations are advancements on previous iterations.

And indeed, all aspects of our lives today are influenced by technology.

Someone applying the critical perspective would probably focus on the systematic inequality created by differential access to media and technology.

For example, how can Canadians be sure the news they hear is an objective account of reality, unsullied by moneyed political interests?

For example, fire and stone tools were important forms of technology developed during the Stone Age.