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07-Jul-2020 08:54

All network edition installations require a valid license and license activation.

New installs will have a 10 day grace period from the license issue date before requiring activation.

If upgrading to ZCS 8.7.0, you need to completely disable SSLv3 support after the upgrade.

Disabling SSLv3 is recommended as a result of the SSLv3 vulnerability described in Security Fixes on page 9.

This is important when the upgrade includes restoring a configuration that has a large number of accounts.

Example command usage: Begin the upgrade installation ./2.

The upgrade process verifies which version of ZCS is being run and proceeds to upgrade the services, restores the existing configuration files, and restarts the server.

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The Zimbra server is stopped, and the older packages are removed.

Important: When you run the install script, if ZCS is already installed, you will be asked if you want to upgrade.

Follow the instructions in this release note to perform the upgrade.

Some customers have had corrupted databases prior to upgrade, and the upgrade has in some of those cases exacerbated the problem.

In order to detect any corrupted databases as early as possible, we have added an optional step to check the Maria DB database with zmdbintegrityreport prior to making any system changes.

For additional information, refer to the installation guide.

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