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30-Apr-2020 20:41

On the heels of the recent release of the Polycom Real Presence Trio 8800 comes the first firmware upgrades.In the same fashion as previous articles on this blog covering various Lync and Skype for Business devices like the VVX desktop phones or the CX5500 Round Table camera this article outlines the various ways that the Trio 8800 can be upgraded.The web.config file that is found in the root of your published website is the main settings and configuration file for your site.There are occasions when you may want to add to this file, for example to add your own custom error pages or store settings for bespoke web controls.

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You can also stop and restart the app pool that the app is assigned to in order to make this happen. It depends if your application reads the configuration file every time it needs the setting, or monitors the file for changes (like log4net does). Note that by default, any changes to any file in an IIS managed folder, will usually result in a restart of the application domain.

For obvious reasons, this will cause issues in your local environment. There are a few approaches you can take but the approach I currently prefer is to abstract configuration variables into their own files. Local.config files and our production configuration in our *. During our release phase, all we will have to do is update our web.config file to reference our production configuration instead of local.

What this does for us is limit the environment/process specific code that is located in our web.config file and instead off-loads it to a file that can be referenced. As a bonus, we can add our local configuration files to .gitignore and never have to worry about accidently publishing our personal environment variables.

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Or do I have to stop and restart IIS on the Windows 2003 Server?We will need a means to setup "Tokens" inside our web.config file so that during our Release build, we can locate these tokens and replace them with new values.