Updating tinyint columns in oracle

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The degree of an endpoint of a non-cycle Euler path is 1 twice the number of times the path passes through that node, so it is always odd.Traditionally, computer science textbooks have offered as data structures for graphs, with algorithms implemented in languages like C, C and Java.Generic Tree() just needs parameters for the name of the target table, the names of its child and parent ID columns, and the parent ID whose descendants are sought: DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS Generic Tree; DELIMITER go CREATE PROCEDURE Generic Tree( edge Table CHAR(64), edge IDcol CHAR(64), edge Parent IDcol CHAR(64), ancestor ID INT ) BEGIN DECLARE r INT DEFAULT 0; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS subtree; SET @sql = Concat( 'CREATE TABLE subtree SELECT ', edge IDcol,' AS child ID, ', edge Parent IDcol, ' AS parent ID,', '0 AS level FROM ', edge Table, ' WHERE ', edge Parent IDcol, '=', ancestor ID ); PREPARE stmt FROM @sql; EXECUTE stmt; DROP PREPARE stmt; ALTER TABLE subtree ADD PRIMARY KEY(child ID,parent ID); REPEAT SET @sql = Concat( 'INSERT IGNORE INTO subtree SELECT a.', edge IDcol, ',a.',edgeparent IDcol, ',b.level 1 FROM ', edge Table, ' AS a JOIN subtree AS b ON a.',edge Parent IDcol, '=b.child ID' ); PREPARE stmt FROM @sql; EXECUTE stmt; SET r=Row_Count(); -- save row_count() result before DROP PREPARE loses the value DROP PREPARE stmt; UNTIL r CALL Generic Tree('familytree','child ID','parent ID',1); SELECT Concat(Repeat( ' ', s.level), ) AS Parent, AS Child FROM subtree s JOIN family a ON s.parent ID=a. ID; ----------------------- ---------------------- | Parent | Child | ----------------------- ---------------------- | Richard Shakespeare | Henry Shakespeare | | Richard Shakespeare | John Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | Joan Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | Margaret Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | William Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | Gilbert Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | Joan Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | Anne Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | Richard Shakespeare | | Henry Shakespeare | Edmond Shakespeare | | William Shakespeare | Susana Shakespeare | | William Shakespeare | Hamnet Shakespeare | | William Shakespeare | Judith Shakespeare | | Joan Shakespeare | William Hart | | Joan Shakespeare | Mary Hart | | Joan Shakespeare | Thomas Hart | | Joan Shakespeare | Michael Hart | | Susana Shakespeare | Elizabeth Hall | | Judith Shakespeare | Shakespeare Quiney | | Judith Shakespeare | Richard Quiney | | Judith Shakespeare | Thomas Quiney | | Elizabeth Hall | John Bernard | ----------------------- ---------------------- Called for the root node, Generic Tree() generates a reachability (closure) table. On standard hardware it walks a 5,000-node tree in less than 0.5 secsmuch faster than a comparable nested sets query on the same tree! And its logic can be used to prune: call Generic Tree() then delete the listed rows.Better still, write a generic tree pruner from Listing 7a and a A query with a subquery, a fetch loop, and a recursive call--that's all there is to it.A simple procedure to retrieve a node's ancestors: CREATE PROCEDURE ancestors( pid int ) begin drop temporary table if exists _ancestors; create temporary table _ancestors(parent int); set @id = pid; repeat select parent ID,count(*) into @parent,@y from familytree where child [email protected]; if @y WITH RECURSIVE treewalk AS ( SELECT CAST(1 AS UNSIGNED) AS child ID, -- UNION NEEDS EXACT TYPE MATCH CAST(NULL AS UNSIGNED) AS parent ID, CAST(0 AS UNSIGNED) AS level, 0 AS siborder UNION ALL SELECT familytree.child ID, familytree.parent ID, treewalk.level 1 AS level, family.siborder FROM familytree JOIN treewalk ON familytree.parent ID=treewalk.child ID JOIN family ON family.

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Web sites have pages, which have links, which collect hits across dates and times. The number of tables limits the number of is a branch of topology.A nice feature of this algorithm is that it writes result rows in display-ready order.

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