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14-Jul-2020 17:45

Thanks in advance Tony Buck m_p Main Wnd returns CWnd and not a CMain Frame.

You have to cast it as m_wnd Status Bar is really a variable in your mainframe.

Set Pane Text(2,"hi", TRUE); but when I try this I get m_wnd Status Bar is not a member of class CWnd I have made the CStatus Bar m_wnd Status Bar declaration public but that didn't change anything.

I'm using VC6 and I don't see m_wnd Status Bar in the autocompletion drop down list either. I can't use CFrame Wnd:: Set Message Text() since I need to be able to specify which pane to update and I need to update the pane according to programming results so I really can't use On Update Command UI handlers.

For example, many applications display the status of the CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, and other keys in the rightmost panes.

Applications also often display informative text in the leftmost pane (pane 0), sometimes called the "message pane." For example, the default MFC status bar uses the message pane to display a string explaining the currently selected menu item or toolbar button.

Top of Page The presence states are pre-set in Lync and can't be customized or added to.

However, if you want to give your contacts more details about where you are or what you're doing, you can write a personal note, such as “Working from home,” at the top of the Lync main window.

(To change these default values, click the Options button , click Status, and then click the arrows next to Show me as Inactive when my status has been idle for this many minutes and Show me as Away when my status has been Inactive for this many minutes.) You can also select this status from the drop-down arrow.

------------------------------------------------- Ajay Kalra Thanks Ajay, That seems to have fixed my problem.

I think its's going to take me a while to sort out all these MFC classes.

This article explains how to change the text that appears in an MFC status bar pane.

A status bar — a window object of class CStatus Bar — contains several "panes." Each pane is a rectangular area of the status bar that you can use to display information.

Make sure you set your status to an appropriate state.