Updating pc studio 3

25-May-2020 15:54

This preview builds upon the features that debuted in the Preview 2 and Preview 1 releases that occurred in March.

As always, you can drill into the details of all of these features by exploring the Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 Preview release notes.

For more information, refer to the Python debugger blog post that describes this feature.

New tooling for migrating to Nu Get Package Reference: This release provides out of the box support for migrating existing projects based on packages.config to Package Reference.

We have incorporated the same fastlane experience that we shipped on mac OS and you can now provision your devices in seconds and keep your entitlements up to date with the click of a button.

The new and improved version of the Python debugger is now bundled with the Python extension and on by default, making it easier and faster for you to debug your Python code.

Build Throughput: The /Zf switch is now enabled by default, which enables faster PDB generation when using multiple compilation processes.

CMake: The CMake Targets View provides an alternative way to view a CMake project’s source in the Solution Explorer; instead of a folder-based view, it organizes the code into individual CMake targets.

We hope that you will install it, use it, and share your feedback with us.

To acquire the Preview, you can either install it fresh from here, you can update the bits directly from the IDE, or if you have an Azure subscription, you can provision a virtual machine with this latest preview.