Updating i 9 documents

06-Aug-2020 02:07

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This approach caused some controversy in the internet community.Larger cities in Estonia, such as Tallinn and Tartu, have arrangements making it possible for residents to purchase "virtual" transportation tickets linked to their ID cards.

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The card's compatibility with standard X.509 infrastructure has made it a convenient means of identification for use of web-based government services in Estonia (see e-Government).

The update can also be performed in the service offices of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

Online updating can be performed until 31 March 2018 (incl.), after which the certificates of affected cards will be invalidated.

If the ticket was purchased after the local archive was updated, the ticket device is able to confirm the ticket from the master database over GSM data link.

The Estonian ID card is also used for authentication in Estonia's ambitious Internet-based voting programme.Within Europe (except Belarus, Kosovo, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine) as well as French overseas territories and Georgia, the Estonian ID Card can be used by the citizens of Estonia as a travel document.

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