Updating electric plaster

09-Mar-2020 14:42

When purchasing a pre-war apartment, get a professional opinion on the transformer and service entrance conditions.

Individual tenants can normally carry out upgrades up to their respective electric panel, but any installations located upstream from that point are the responsibility of the building owner.

Pre-war apartments are those built before World War II, as implied by their name, and in New York City they are highly sought after due to their antique look, spacious design and hand-crafted details.

Apartment-Specific Electrical Issues If electrical installations need to be upgraded because a specific neighbor has an energy-intensive lifestyle, he or she will generally have to bear the cost of the upgrade.1) Implement Energy Efficiency If you use energy-saving devices such as LED bulbs and ENERGY STAR appliances, the load on the installation will not increase drastically compared to the conditions in which you receive the apartment.This can be complemented with home automation; for example, you can use a smart thermostat to optimize HVAC power consumption.2) Use 220-Volt Appliances Whenever Possible One of the basic principles of electricity is that power transmitted is equal to the product of voltage and current: Power = Voltage x Current However, wiring and breakers are sized based on current, and a higher capacity involves a higher cost.

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Increased current capacity also means wiring must have a larger diameter, which complicates its installation and drives up the associated labor cost.

For this reason, it is often necessary to replace them completely with a new panel and circuit breakers.

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