Updating core data data model

15-Feb-2020 02:45

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Create a ‘plural container’ element for all elements that might (in future) occur more than once.

Make the plural element single and obligated (min=1, max=1) and its child elements optional (min=0, max=unbounded). It is wise to have standards for the CDM and one person (or a group in a large project) who is responsible for maintaining the CDM model.

When a CDM is defined, it should be able to contain all data of these models.

Note that the data items continent, state and zipcode do not exist in all the data models. There might even be more connecting systems that do not do anything with addresses, so their data model does not contain address data.

When using an interconnecting CDM, you also have a maximum of 6 translations: A-CDM, B-CDM and C-CDM (and vice versa).

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Create a CDM that fits best in the integration software being used. However, JSON is increasingly supported by integration software and is becoming more popular because of its reduced size and the fact that is is used in front end technology, especially for mobile devices.To give a graphical example of six connecting systems, but not all connecting with each other (it is even quite limited): Connections without a CDM Connections with a CDM In this example, you need 16 translations when you do not use a CDM. There is a second reason for using a CDM related to translations.What happens when the data model of a connected system changes?But what if there is a system that deals with addresses being created, so between the screens there is only half the data of an address present?

Or a system that uses only a part or maybe even one data item of an address?In a CDM data translation, the translation is not restricted to the way the data is modelled, but will also be a translation of the values of the data itself.

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