Updating activex

31-May-2020 07:56

I groan about the Bill Gates Windows cognitive tax - any job you try to do requires 20% overhead to fuss with some Windows crash, bug, etc. After a little digging around in Google, I came across this: How to Install, Configure and Use the Cisco Any Connect VPN for Windows 7, Vista and XP - OIT Help Desk The following quote is at the bottom of the page: Known Issue Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is not compatible with the VPN client.

But Cisco totally outclasses that - the equipment requires 1000% overhead, and never works more than 80% of what it is supposed to do. If you attempt to install, you will receive an error on the install that says "The vpn client agent was unable to create the interprocess communication depot." Turning off ICS and reinstalling will fix the error.

Error Correction Levels: Level L, Level M, Level Q, Level H.

With: restore 7% data, restore 15% data, restore 25% data, restore 30% data.

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The installation process seems to make a fair amount of progress, but then it stops and says: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. I have an end user who accesses their PC from home using Cisco Any Connect.

I can recommend, from personal experience, in squandered money, time, that you avoid Cisco!

It's like tying a boat anchor around your neck as you swim the channels of business, when you buy Cisco.

But when I gave up, Internet Connection Sharing must have been left enabled.

So just now, with your advice, I disabled the Internet Connection Sharing at the system level. I used procmon to log what was going on at a deep level.They remote in, work on some documents, and then disconnect. I have an application that works without issue through a Cisco Anyconnect client on XP and Vista, but not on Windows 7.