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Maurits Huygens (painted by Rembrandt in 1632) the older brother of Constantijn Huygens.

Constantijn was one the most famous poets in the Golden Century. Most people do not realize how many pictures exist of Moors in Europe. Names, family crests, geographical indications, all references to the Moor, according to Codfried.

The reason why he studies nobility has to with the fact that nobility has left traces in the form of portraits and writings.

Some of his claims Queen Charlotte Sophie of Mecklenburg Strelitz (1744-1818), Wife of George IIIDescribed by others in her time as 'a true mulatto face' , ' brown' or ' yellow.' Her nose is to wide and her mouth shows the same fault.

From policy advice to the development of workplace based training for the inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups we cover all aspects and teaching methods of lifelong learning.

Grimey Fall Winter 2017 After our 10th anniversary, we return with the Fall Winter 2017 collection.

A small number of them were released over the years, but most were employed as servant to their master.But why is it so important to show that black or coloured people were part of the European nobility?

Knitters, crafters, zinesters, card makers, and artists of all types create inspired and inspiring erotic objects for this one day celebration of DIY sex and romantic culture.… continue reading »

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