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15-Apr-2020 09:03

Just because he sends me a personalized message doesn’t mean he didn’t send 18 other women a personalized message. Are you both looking for the same things in a relationship? A few years ago, I was relatively inexperienced with online dating. I couldn’t say no, he was cute, funny, sweet, and loved art. I’m sorry, but when I’m on a date with a guy, I expect his attention to be on me.

But I want to feel like I’m not just another girl to him. It’s more convenient and easier to meet someone online than offline. However, there are more similarities to the process than there are differences. I had only met maybe 2-3 guys I chatted with online at this point. We seemed to have a lot in common – most notably our love for art. If it’s not, that clearly shows me he’s not interested.

If he doesn't know you like a different guy he may be thinking he has a chance.

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I’ll be honest, I’ve received hundreds of emails from guys that clearly never read my profile.That may seem kind of childish, but I like feeling special. Does he seem to pay attention to your profile and the things you say in email/Instant Messenger conversations? Did he at least wait a while before bringing up sex in your discussions? I ask a lot of questions, so if they’re lying about something, I will eventually catch them. I’ve talked to men that said they went on a date with a girl they met online that appeared to be someone she was not. The waitress (she was new) wasn’t giving us the best service. Let’s just say he noticed every attractive woman that walked in.Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not the only one he’s contacting. Never compromise who you are and don’t be fooled by phony men online. I’m not going to claim all women are innocent, but there are a lot of men online that claim they are someone they really aren’t. But there are far more men that do this than women. When I showed up for the date, he was dressed like a complete slob. Sure, it shows me he’s not into looking good for his woman, but he was still my (almost) perfect man. Every time a good looking girl with a slender body walked by, I could tell he was fantasizing about what he’d like to do to her. Some guys are good about only moving their eyes to checkout a girl’s ass when they’re on a date. His whole head would make 90 degree turn and he would stare for a good 3 seconds.Maybe I’m being a bit arrogant here, but I make a guy work to get with me.

I want to know right off the bat if they’re really and contacting every woman they find.

A: It's easy to assume that guys don't get intimidated by us the way we can get intimidated by them. He may in fact like you, but is too scared to say anything about it.

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