Synonym for intimidating

15-Jan-2020 08:50

We've listed any clues from our database that match your search.There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer.(6) Absent himself from any proceeding or investigation to which he has been legally summoned.2 View All Next »I want to introduce you to someone. She’s geeky to her Joss-Whedon-loving core, a Whovian, Vertigo-reading, 3rd edition D&D (none of that 4th ed crap thank you very much) gamer with the con stories to prove it. While it’s true that many men will use it as a polite dodge to avoid saying “I’m not attracted to you”, when it comes up over and over again, it’s a sign that maybe there’s more to it.

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abusive or intimidating

This is his way of getting your constant reassurance that you want him to stay. The Counseling and Consultation Service at Ohio State University lists threatening to leave as a sign of emotional or psychological abuse. An abuser is skilled at making you dependent on him. Her work has been featured on various online publications and she has a solid following on her own website where she has been doling out relationship advice since 2009.

He may outgrow this nonsense, but you are under no obligation to wait around for that.

Your next move should probably be to take your toys and go home.

It may be inferred from conduct, words, or circumstances reasonably calculated to produce fear.

Intimidation of witnesses or victims happens when a person, with the intent to or with the knowledge that his/her conduct will obstruct, impede, impair, prevent or interfere with the administration of criminal justice, intimidates or attempts to intimidate any witness or victim to: (1) Refrain from informing or reporting to any law enforcement officer, prosecuting official or judge concerning any information, document or thing relating to the commission of a crime.

Unfortunately, no one has ever told him that security comes from within. If you stop responding to the threat of leaving, he will simply find something else.