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[Ver también el banco de datos en español.] Bishop has examined news and court archives and identified nearly 80 clergy in Chile publicly accused of sexually abusing minors. Domingo Mileo Toledo, OFM Deacon Hugo Montes Brunet Rev. Ricardo Muñoz Quinteros Deacon José Miguel Narváez Valenzuela Rev. Eduardo Olivares Martínez Bishop Marco Antonio Órdenes Fernández Rev. In August 2016, the bishops unpublished the list of names, replacing it with a list of tallies.

The database reveals the distinctive aspects of the Catholic abuse crisis in Chile, and the degree to which much remains hidden. Sacerdote filipino acusado de abusos sexuales seguir en prisin preventiva,, Denuncia de abuso en el Liceo Alemn: La promesa incumplida del cardenal y el ocultamiento del acusado, por Pedro Ramirez y Juan Pablo Figueroa en Actualidad y Entrevistas, CIPER (Centro de Investigación Periodística), Iglesia Catolica De Chile Entrego Listado Oficial De Los Sacerdotes Condenados Por Abusos a Menores, by Ana Maria Guerra, La Segunda, Declaran culpable a sacerdote filipino por abusos sexuales contra menores de 4 años en Chicureo, by Mario Rosende, biobiochile, Carta de Padres de niño abusado en Liceo Alemán del Verbo Divino, CIPER (Centro de Investigación Periodística), Comunicado de la Congregacin del Verbo Divino,, Tribunal sentenci a sacerdote filipino a cuatro aos de libertad vigilada por abusos sexuales,, Congregacion del Verbo Divino dio "todo su apoyo" a sacerdote condenado por abusos sexuales,, Priest Charged with Child Abuse in Chile Gets Four Years Parole, by Juan Francisco Veloso, Olguin Santiago Times, José Andrés Murillo Llamó a LA Iglesia a Ser " Más Solidaria" Con Las Víctimas De Abuso, The Cooperativa, Verbo Divino Senalo “Apoyo” a Sacerdote Conendado por Abusos en Chicureo,, Corte Suprema rechazo nulidad del juicio a sacerdote del Verbo Divino condenado por abusos, por Juan Pablo Figuero en Actualidad y Entrevistas, CIPER (Centro de Investigación Periodística), Supreme Court Ruling, CIPER (Centro de Investigación Periodística), Congregación de colegios del Verbo Divino reconoce caso de abuso sexual de cura y pide perdón por "errores y omisiones", The Clinic Online, Comunicado Misioneros del Verbo Divino,, Aguinaldo retiró demanda contra colegio Verbo Divino de Chicureo, El Mostrador, Facebook, Iglesia retira de su web lista con nombres de sacerdotes condenados por abusos, by Camila Mardones, La Tercera, Arrested October 2002 after a mother filed a criminal complaint that he had sexually assaulted her two daughters, ages 11 and 14.

At dawn, on Friday, September 1, the women helped each other dress and apply a heavy, theatrical layer of make-up.

Their glamour restored, they felt jubilant as they were lifted on to the truck that had come to fetch them. The auditorium was packed with high-ranking SS officers and Mengele was standing at the front of the stage.

But the village of Rozavlea had irrevocably changed: only 50 of its 650 Jews had returned.

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It was nearly midnight on Friday, May 19, 1944, and Dr Josef Mengele was asleep in his quarters.

‘The amount of blood they took was enormous and, being feeble from hunger, we often fainted,’ recalled Perla. When we returned to the barrack, we’d slump on the wooden bunks — but before we had time to recover, we’d be summoned for a new cycle.’Mengele didn’t know what he was looking for.

‘That didn’t stop Mengele: he had us lie down and when we came to our senses they resumed siphoning our blood. Far from recording any effort to break the genetic code for dwarfism, the paperwork reveals only routine tests for kidney problems, liver function and typhus.

To the emaciated inmates who saw them led to a truck, they must have seemed like a bizarre hallucination.

But the blood-letting was repeated week after week, along with dozens of X-rays.His enthusiasm, ambition and cruelty set him apart even from the other death-camp doctors.

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