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And unfortunately most women, we’re studying Cosmo, we’re reading all these magazines when we’re young and books, and now there’s thousands of books for women out there to figure out if a guys your husband in five minutes or less, right? Renee Piane: Is he your, you know, is he a frog, is he your prince? I have had women come to my rapid dating events with lists, and they start to give it’s almost like a, have you ever, I call it the teacher tone, “So, hello. Okay, so when I would date a guy, no matter how gorgeous he was, no matter what kind of car or where he lived or all that stuff which all of us want, I would ask him a couple of questions and I’d say, “So, tell me about your family”, and he would say, “Ugh, my family, are you kidding? I, you know, I haven’t been back, you know, for the holidays in years, my mother and I don’t get along, we’re not really much of a unit.” Now that would be a problem for me. Renee Piane: ‘Cause I come from one of those family’s that’s almost like a combo of the Soprano’s and the Big Fat Greek Wedding, you know.

Ask men these ten questions to know if he’s even available, is he your boyfriend, all these analysis. So they’re in your face, a lot of food, a lot of love, a lot of hugs, a lot of getting into your business. The second thing that was important to me was sentiment, sentiment, you know, a man with sentimental values, somebody sentimental. Renee Piane: So I ask men how they celebrate birthdays and Christmas.

So Renee Piane, welcome so much for being on Just for Women. She’s an inspirational speaker and dating coaching consultant whose life’s work is dedicated to educating men and women as we just said. And also you have training in timeline therapy and hypnotherapy, which I always think is important and gives a depth of, you know, a persons breadth of being able to work with men and women because you really have to understand how the human body, the human mind works in order to really have an impact, would you agree? You know, it’s interesting to think about that there are all kinds of daters today, and yeah it’s varied too. The number two thing is is that men are very sensitive to our energy and our vibration, you know, the tone of our voice, the way we speak to them, and being that I watch actual dating one on one at my rapid dating sessions, I see how the tone and the body language of women completely, can completely turn a man on or completely turn a man off. Renee Piane: And we are often very critical and very demanding of men right away, expecting them to know who we are and what we want and that they’re going to quote “get us”, you know, like, “I want a man”, women will say to me all the time in my seminars, “I want a man who just gets me”. I think we sometimes get into this, “I have to project something”, instead of really practicing being our authentic self and that comes from our own programming as women growing up, so I can understand the confusion in this whole dating scene.“Ugh, I hate all that hoo-haw and celebration.” That’s not a guy for me. I rule out guys, I used to rule out guys very quickly and not let it run me because I was so sexually attracted to him that I thought oh I could, could change him.