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They could be subject to arbitrary arrest simply due to their appearance, and many carry official documents that state their status in order to be protected from official harassment.

The rights of LGBT persons to life, health, non-discrimination and privacy are routinely violated by the IRI.

Lack of Clear Distinction between Rape and Sodomy in the Islamic Penal Code 5.3. LGBT persons living in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) face discrimination and prejudice on a daily basis.

Executions after the Revolution to the Present 5.2. When his brother discovered Farshid was gay, they got into a physical fight. The official reason given in his dismissal letter was “incompatibility with Islamic mores in the university.”[2] Unfortunately Farshid’s story is not unique.

The report contains a thorough examination of discriminatory provisions in the IRI's Islamic Penal Code, as well as numerous witness accounts from LGBT persons about the persecution and discrimination they faced in Iran. Treatment of Homosexual Acts under Shari’a law 2.1.1. Difference in Treatment of Active and Passive Partners in Sodomy 2.1.3. Treatment of LGBT Persons and Homosexual Acts under Current Iranian law 3.1. Shima, a male to female Iranian transsexual interviewed for this report, stated that after being arrested at a party, the transsexuals at the party were specifically told not to gather in large numbers.

Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction 1. Attitudes towards Homosexuality during the Qajar and Pahlavi Eras 1.2. She also reported that she and a number of her transsexual friends were arrested at a park, although they were not doing anything illegal.[12] Classified as a mental disorder, homosexuality can be grounds for exemption from military service, which is compulsory in Iran.

Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, with these remarks about the international laws protecting LGBT persons: The very countries that impose [the acceptance of] this deadly sin as a sign of progress on the world prohibited homosexuality up to about two decades ago.

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