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If they would moderate the site better, we think more users would be inclined to come back and use it regularly.Johns Hopkins University Press is giving out-of-print books new life With nearly 25-year-old Project MUSE, the JHU Press is a big player in the move to make scholarly articles available digitally. and invite readers to consider the work beyond the confines of the historical narrative. Library Journal A comprehensive survey of art in Moscow in the era of the Soviet Union that champions the unquenchable spirit of artistic experimentation in the face of political repression The Power of Pictures: Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film Susan Tumarkin Goodman and Jens Hoffmann Published in association with the Jewish Museum, New York Finalist for the 2015 National Jewish Book Award in the category of Visual Arts.Drawing on art history, criticism, and political theory, Margarita Tupitsyn unites these three epochs, mapping their differences and commonalities, ultimately reconnecting the postwar vanguard with the historical avant-garde.With a focus on Moscow artists, the book chronicles how this milieu achieved institutional and financial independence, and reflects on the theoretical and visual models it generated in various media, including painting, photography, conceptual, performance, and installation art.Paintings by El Lissitzky and Liubov Popova are joined by sculptures, costumes and textiles, decorative arts, architectural models, books, magazines, films, and more.

More than 350 works are grouped into areas of critical importance for the production, reception, and circulation of early Soviet art: battlegrounds, schools, the press, theaters, homes and storefronts, factories, festivals, and exhibitions.

Covering the period from the Revolution to the beginning of World War II, The Power of Pictures considers Soviet avant-garde photography and film in the context of political history and culture.