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Sakura is wearing a grey floral print baggy sleeved top, dark blue skinny jeans, silver strapped high heels, silver hoop dangle earrings, silver rhinestone chain necklace, her hair was slightly wavy, and she had little make-up on." Ok, ok I'm coming! She has been excited since her parents told her they were going back to Konoha.

" Sakura's mom yelled as she ran out of the bathroom. They were at the airport, waiting for their airplane.

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" An impatient pinkette yelled," I want to see Sasuke!

They checked out of the hotel, called a cab, and now on their way to the airport." So, Sakura, are you excited about going back to Konoha? Sakura was shaking with excitement." Sakura, stop shaking." Her father said." I can't help it, I'm so excited." She grinned at him.

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THIS ONE JUST GOT POPPED INTO MY BRAIN AND I'VE BEEN WRITING TO CHAPTER 4. ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓Sasuke and Sakura had been had been dating since they were 13 years old. They are currently talking about the red-head fangirl." Hn, I might be dating her but she not my girlfriend, Dobe." Sasuke said annoyed." That reminds me Uchiha, I do remember you saying you have a girlfriend." Neji said raising a brow," Why are you cheating on her with Karin?

Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru were at Ichiraku's. But, Sasuke is too overwealmed with getting revenge over his brother, Itiah, because he killed his whole clan, and only left Sasuke.