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19-Apr-2020 20:00

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And it's going well until one of you needs more space.

The one who needs more space will just take it, usually, for there are no real chains, no leashes in relationships.

We start out as people attracted to one another and subtly negotiate how often we'll talk, get together, in person.

Maybe it's a first date and one of us can't wait for the other to call, to initiate time together.

No one can force anyone else to be with them, to communicate, make love, or even play.

And when the person who needs space is gone too long, other songs, angry or sad songs become the songs of the day. Emotionally mature people realize that the center of life, the focus of a partner, a significant other, even a friend, cannot be, should not be, themselves.

A younger, less seasoned therapydoc will suggest what the therapydoc in the video below suggests, that the person who is chasing, who is begging for more time, more attention, should back off already. The seasoned therapydoc, however, will get a couple like this into therapy and the subtext is different.

The women have to be patient enough to wait around for them to "come back". Yea, I did too didnt I ffs, ffs, ffs, ffs, ffs, Ok.. We don't like to appear weak and needy in front of you....thats why some Moron invented the the 3 day rule when to call some one after the first date. Just like you who paid money for some guy who was a writer for the National Enquier. If a man is in true "Love" he won't need to think about it...he'll be busy setting up his "Slingshot of Love" for you and treat you like a queen and a best friend.When I met FD (a random meeting at a student union) he asked me for my phone number, but I wouldn't give it to him until he confirmed that he would call, not crumble it up and throw it away.My need for space at the time wasn't sufficiently broad enough to allow, say, a week to go by without hearing from him. You have to know yourself and your needs and be true to them.So, they try getting some (connection) with her again later on in the future when they dont have any (connection) and are in the mood...a connection.

I would encourage you to OBSERVE how people act, first you may be able to see if "men" are/act all the same, and maybe even to see that people who write books like those are interested on the money they'll make from it.A physics major might explain it better, but the needs just don't match.

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