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And he actually got picked." So when news spread of Robin's June 20, 1979, disappearance and then murder, Beth had no reason to suspect her boyfriend.

They had just spent a weekend together in Northern California."There was no difference in personality, no difference in the things we did, the things we talked about," she recalls. That nobody could account for his whereabouts at that time," Murphy tells Dow.

When asked if she was in love with Alcala, Kelleher replies, "Yes."Beth was 22 when she met Alcala in the spring of 1979. When Dow asked what she thought about his photography Beth replies, "I saw a lot of pictures of girls.""Young girls?

" Dow asks."Ah, young girls, I'd say probably from 12, 13 to probably about 30s," she replies.

By the time the fire crew actually found her body, she was just bones." The pressure was on to find the killer.

Bridget's description resulted in a composite sketch, which was released to the media all over Southern California.

Before meeting Beth, Rodney Alcala charmed other women. 1 in a September 1978 episode of "The Dating Game.""That's a perfect example of the charm of Rodney Alcala," Matt Murphy notes.

"When you watch it, he was charming, he was funny - he joked.

He was hired by the Los Angeles Times as a typesetter… "And he was a registered sex offender during all of that, and nobody ever checked."Rodney Alcala was even a contestant on TV's "The Dating Game" and was chosen by the bachelorette.Everything she did, she did to please me," she says."I loved her warmth."And Robin was the little sister her older brothers, Robert and Tim, doted on."She loved ballet, she loved dancing, she loved gymnastics," says Robert. "So I grabbed a towel and I picked up the edge of the bar and I - I laid it off to the side." "We started searching the residence… "…we said, 'This guy is going to commit other crimes, he's not going to stop."In 1969, the FBI put Rodney Alcala on its Most Wanted List.

And a lot of people did."Hodel says investigators went to the FBI.

"And he was able to charm psychiatrists just like he charmed his victims.