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17-Dec-2019 16:40

If it came out now it would seem to borrow heavily from the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars, but it was in fact the other way around.

This was the first novel to coin the term “tractor beam” and first to invent invisible shields around space ships (called “screens”).

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John Hurt is even lower class than Mc Cabe as a toothless barely understandable stooge. Many animals are killed throughout and that was a turn off for my wife. It’s an epic fail of storytelling besides destroying the legacy of the original movies. It stole many of the plot points from the old movies again. I would compare it to This documentary film by Drew De Nicola tells the story of a little known but influential rock band from the ’70s.

Smith had a keen understanding of science and technology and he packed this adventure yarn to the gills with it.