Poly faithful dating

12-Oct-2020 20:20

"We appreciate and thank Facebook for their recent change in allowing all people to put their own gender identities," reads the petition.

"We ask that they have the same respect for people of all relationship types. Also increasing is our acceptance of trans-identified individuals.

They deserve the basic right to be honest about who they care about. But society's approval of multi-partner relationships is still low.

Please sign this petition to allow those in open relationships to name their partners truthfully as everybody else does." Now let's face it: Facebook is unlikely to make this change anytime soon. Polling done by Gallup last year revealed that while 59 percent of Americans considered homosexual relations morally acceptable, just 14 percent approved of polygamy.

And some are non-hierarchical, with no partner being more important than the other.

In some poly relationships, "metamours," as partners of partners call each other, have romantic relationships.

It differs from swinging in that it emphasizes long-term, emotionally intimate relationships, and from adultery with its focus on honesty and (ideally) full disclosure of all sexual relationships.

But many people are living out a third option, such as polyamorous writer Lauren Rumpler: ethical non-monogamy.

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