Php codes for validating forms

07-Jan-2020 11:14

So, I have added server-side validation code to check the mandatory fields are not empty.Also, I validate the email field whether it is in a correct format.What I want to do is to compare and check if the inputs match with the data from my table/database.This is my (the form) session_start(); $link = mysqli_connect('localhost','root',''); $database = mysqli_select_db($link,'internship'); $user = $_POST['email']; $pass = $_POST['pw2']; // User is logging in if (isset($_POST["submit2"])) else session_write_close(); Mysqli takes 4 parameters hostname,username,password, and dbname ***You must enter your unique username (email).***"; } else if (empty ($pass)) //if password field is empty echo below statement else session_write_close(); ?Later, we use this data for various purpose like, to authenticate our user while login, to send News Letter, and more.In this tutorial, I have an example for creating a new user account using a registration form.

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In this example, all the registration form fields are mandatory.

$_POST is an array of variables passed to the current script via the HTTP POST method.

Information sent from a form with the GET method is visible to everyone (all variable names and values are displayed in the URL). Note: GET should NEVER be used for sending passwords or other sensitive information!

On submitting this form, I validate the user data in PHP before storing it in a database.

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In a previous tutorial, we have already seen how to do server side validation in PHP.

However, because the variables are not displayed in the URL, it is not possible to bookmark the page.

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