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18-May-2020 20:54

Unsere Babestation24-Girls kommunizieren und interagieren unmittelbar mit dem TV Zuschauer per Telefonleitung direkt ins Studio.Einzigartig wird unser FSK-Konformes Sendekonzept durch die parallele Verfügbarkeit von Hardcore-Content über Handy und das Internet.I agree with you that over criticising a channel when its still delivering fairly decent shows is excessive, however not when it's justified.Babestation Germany has been terrible in months hence the reason I haven't uploaded anything on the video Thread in months.Right guys, as promised here's some info and a couple of screeners of Babestation24 which is due to start tomorrow, July1st at CET, on Smile TV on Astra 19.2 deg east.

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Willkommen bei Babestation 24, der neuen, interaktiven Erotik-Call-In Show auf Smile TV.

It's sad to see such decline throughout the entire babe channel franchise.

I get the feeling that we are coming to the end of an era.

More the same tonight please I have just done a test jorrell and the rtmp code from my previous post is back working again.

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It's the rampant TV stream and with the channel now being back online there hence the reason the code is now active and back to working again.Empfangbar ist Babestation24 über Satellit auf dem Sender Smile TV (ehemal. In Kürze wird die Sendung auch im Internet als Livestream zu sehen sein!