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11-Sep-2019 10:49

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At 6-foot-5, Kerney was quite skinny—his nickname at Princeton Day School had been “beanpole”—but he nevertheless impressed the UVA football staff with his coachability and relentless pursuit of the football, and wound up playing both football and lacrosse for two years before bulking up and turning exclusively to the gridiron.

“He taught me to set things up where I wouldn’t be in a bad position when I came into the league. I would pull up to the lot and the guys would make fun of me, like, ‘You’re a first-round pick, why not buy a Range Rover?(“Pretty minimal, but more than I ever made in a summer job,” he says.) When he arrived on campus, Kerney decided he would also take a shot at trying out for the football team as a walk-on.