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24-Apr-2020 14:20

The Short Version: When you’re dating on your own, a lot is left up to chance.

Dating websites toss singles into the deep end where they’ll either learn to swim or sink under the overwhelming pressure.

A knowledgeable team gives clients advice on everything from the photos to post on a dating profile to keeping up with all the messages in your inbox.

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That kind of hurried, haphazard dating strategy frustrates busy professionals with only so much time on their hands to devote to dating.

The matchmaking team has decades of experience pairing up professional, successful, and relationship-oriented individuals based on innate compatibility in personality and lifestyle.

Next time you’re wading into the dating waters, you can rely on Premier Match to make sure it’s smooth sailing from first introduction to final vows. The experience has been accelerated by dating websites and apps that push more and more dating options on singles.

During a lengthy initial consultation, the team really gets to know the people they work with by delving into the individual’s lifestyle, personality, and character.

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The matchmakers take notes, pay attention to personal criteria, and do their best to make the right match.

Founded in 2000, Premier Match offers singles in the Northeast the chance to upgrade their love lives through professional assistance.