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17-Oct-2019 19:32

It has a sleek muscular body weighing up to 50kg (110lbs).

The business end of the Cane Corso is its large, intimidating head with powerful jaws.

It is often said that the Fila Brasileiro can be highly aggressive towards strangers if not correctly trained.

There is little doubt this relationship has been hugely beneficial to both, leading to dogs being commonly referred to as “man’s best friend”.

The resulting dog is 60kg (130lbs) of lean muscle recognisable with its short white coat.

It is said that the aggressive traits have been largely bred out of the Dogo Argentino and it can even be a good family dog.

Therefore training and early socialisation are essential.

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This dog is restricted in several US states and European countries.There a three ingredients to a fatal dog attack; size and power of the dog, aggression and not to be overlooked a reason – usually lack of training and maltreatment…