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After a while, Vijay, who decided to check on Divya, finds out that she was abducted again.

Vijay is shocked to see Sivarama out of jail again and takes Divya as bait.

Divya was able to escape from the goons then she finds a man who comes to rescue her, who was apparently Vijay, and fights them in vain and also kills Ajay.

Its aftermath resulted to an injured Divya as she was taken by Vijay to the hospital.

Divya, still innocent of Vijay's true relation to her, pleads on Vijay not to fight for her anymore because they are not related.

But because Sivarama made her realize that his long lost brother will die in front of her, she emotionally forgives him for the past as she griefly watches Vijay being beaten up by Sivarama's goons.

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The police officer who raised Vijay was made to die by Sivarama Goud,a gangster. He created a clever plan to make Sivarama and his men to be punished in all of their crimes from the village and to other people making them end behind bars.

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Vijay (Gopichand) comes to Kolkata in search of his lost sister.

One day, the gangster's son named Ajay (Ajay) finds out that Vijay is alive and he swears to avenge his father's insult and arrest.

At a party, Ajay finds and meets Swetha and asks if she wants to sleep with him and cuts her blouse down.So she had a plan to do a course in cinematography at FTI Pune but it didnt happen.