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It is highly configurable and can be extended with the use of macro scripts.

It can be opened on any browser (smartphones included) and contains the following features: IMPORTANT NOTE: This is for the Raspberry Pi camera only. It's been programmed by silvanmelchior as a client for Raspi MJPEG in 2013.

Since then, thanks to the help of many other programmers, it has become the best interface to control the RPi Cam over your browser.

Step 4: For Jessie Lite run sudo apt-get install git Clone the code from github and enable and run the install script with the following commands: Older versions needed the scripts to be made executable with chmod u x *If you get permission denied while trying to run the install scripts then try that step 6 separate scripts are provided to do separate installation and maintenance functions.

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The scripts are The main installation always does the same thing to simplify its logic.

See also Addition section for tips on installing from scratch.