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" He hustled Becky into the bathroom, leaving the door open so that he could keep an eye on Lillith. He's cutting me every time you open your stupid mouth! She hated whatever was happening to Rebecca and felt spasms of guilt and responsibility. She thought hard, desperately seeking the winning play. You'll have to let go of the blouse and bra though." Rebecca was panting hard. Walking past the heavy oak door to Lillith's office on the way to the elevator, they heard Becky's squeals and moans coming distantly through the thick wood. " He squeezed Becky affectionately as Lillith slowly turned her chair around to face them and stood up. I'm sure Lillith is going to be fully co-operative and show us the goodies, instead of doing something stupid and getting you gutted like a fish! She took a deep breath and unbuttoned and unzipped her sharply creased navy blue pants. It's nice to see a woman who keeps good care of herself! "I hid the film behind a fire extinguisher two floors down from my hotel room." The captain held the film up before her astonished eyes. He had heard that Zap-Tek now marketted a Super Shocker 60,000. Nikki looked like a madwoman, hair on end, staring insanely, shaking violently, uncontollably. Her muscles twitched and shuddered in painful spasms. Bright yellow urine spurted messily from Becky's piss hole soaking the seat of her chair and filling the room with the stale smell of fresh pee. " He withdrew the slim blade, pinched her other plump nipple, lifted and went to work on her other tit. She gasped as he pulled the blade back out, working the tip agonizingly. Being trapped in a room with an ultra-violent maniac made her heart feel huge as it hammered painfully in her chest. Outside, Loretta and Margaret, two Assistant Managers, were leaving for the day. Utterly shameless lesbo sluts." Loretta grinned and gave Margaret a wink. You want a hot little secretary of your own and a private office to enjoy her in! He put his arm around her shoulder and licked the tears from her face. Love the salty taste of a sweating, teary-eyed babe! " Becky nodded emphatically, obviously eager to see Lillith sweat. She untucked the blouse and pulled her arms from the sleeves placing the blouse neatly on the desk next to her navy blue jacket. It would be a shame to damage such beauty." Nikki caved in. They watched the conflicting emotions ripple across her pretty face as she tried to come up with something to say that would magically extricate her from her desperate predicament. "Having trouble thinking up a convincing lie, senorita? The captain adjusted the dials of the Zap-Tek Super Shocker 6000, controlling the voltage, amperage, duration and wave pattern of the shocks.

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Becky got down on her knees under the desk, buried her face in Lillith's muff and began probing with her tongue, teasing Lillith's clit out of hiding. Dyke Lillith was getting her rug chewed by baby faced Becky. Always impatient, Lillith decided to stop the foreplay. We've had complaints from female customers about sexual harassment! For the next few rapes, she would be gasping for air, her lovely torso heaving delightfully, bare breasts scrubbing exciteingly against her rapists chests. Her breasts were bruised and swollen where strong, brutal fingers had dug in, squeezing and crushing.

Looking at the two freshly scrubbed beauties, he instantly knew why his sensitive nostrils had gone on full alert. " Sitting slightly behind him on a higher chair, taking notes, Becky rolled her eyes comically. Most of the staff have gone home, so I'll cut it short as I'm sure Rebecca wants to go home as soon as possible." Becky smiled pleasantly at this consideration, although privately thinking that it was just because Lillith was always horny after a good firing and wanted to cum in her face a few more times. "You appear to have grasped a few opportunities that you shouldn't have, Hargreaves! Periodically, a fist would be hammered into her diaphragm.

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