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This is usually subconscious and relies on word sounds.

For example, if you want to associate a character with energy and activity, you’d want to use a firm and short name.

Simply put, the dry down is intoxicatingly delicious. This is a true timeless classic for me which brings lot of good memories. the ashy vibe is similar to tom ford tuscan leather (imo). It has very strong leather notes and it is not so easy to accept but it reminds me of the strong EDT versions of 90's which has a great projection and longevity.

The heavy leather makes way for sweet, light, rejuvenating floral notes, reminiscent of the opening of La Nuit. Heavy sillage due to the famous ultra atomizer found on all Dior frags. smells like a leathery, rubbery ashtray with a woodsy incense stick burning in said ashtray. Scent 4.5/5 Projection 4.5/5 Silage 4.5/5 Longevity 4.5/5 Offensive yes One of the most divisive perfumes of all time.

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“Neville Longbottom” is a great example of a name that suggests a trait without being too ridiculous.Names help make the audience feel like they’re on your page, that they get what’s going on.For example, we aren’t meant to understand Judge Dredd and The Punisher as even-headed men of justice.I got a bee in my bonnet and sought out the vintage version, pre-reformulation. Taking off my tie and unbuttoning the top two on my pink shirt and getting wafts of this strange scent from my chest as I walk into the sun after work is a totally surreal experience that I can now experience over and over again. I imagine a biker lumberjack who eats nails for breakfast would wear this. Could be mistaken for a petroleum smell, but even if it is that still smells great to my nose.

Yes, it made a difference -- the original was more intense and had a more layered progression -- but it also left a huge rash on my neck, so I guess, in this case, reformulation was a good thing. Not dainty or subtle in any way, but for those who were alive in the late 1980s/early 1990s, this smell will take you back... Most other men are subconsciously offended when I wear this scent. It's a ghost of the late 80s and the 90s, when social media and screens didn't dominate our lives. This is a special frag to me because it gives me memories of visiting the farm as a kid and riding the tractor through the fields.As a rule of thumb, once you have used a given letter to start a character’s name, you can’t use it again.

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