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Lord knows that I was already a fan of the band through my father's Share The Land LP, but (a) I certainly didn't know that Randy Bachman was ever in the band, and (b) this album cemented my reputation amongst the ruling class elite as a Guess Who fan and supporter. "No Time" was a fuzzy rocker with shouts at the end, "Laughing" was a sad, accessible ballad type thing and "Undun"? So yeah, as for embarrassment, it's kept to a minimum here because they don't try to hit any real HIGHS - they just play solid, really strong melodic music of jazzy, rockin' and basic pop ballad types. Not that Standing Stone isn't the finest piece of musical ingenuity he's created since "Yesterday." No no, that would be the theme from Spies Like Us.

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"While You Were Sleeping, I Rammed A Shoe As Hard As I Could Into Your Vagina" 44. "You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Shoe" (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) 30. "When You're Finished Blowing Me, Blow My Shoe" 33. Granted, they're probably all cover tunes (including the creepy harmonized Beach Boys song "Don't Be Scared" - listen close to hear the mic feedback a bunch of times when they get too loud!

"I Wear A Shoe On Each Buttock, And One In The Middle To Crap Into" 28. That may be true, but a lot of these songs are really, REALLY catchy, beating the daylights out of, oh, early Moody Blues let's say for the sake of argument.

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