Is andy still dating megan gale

06-May-2020 10:01

The contracts have always been short because we never know what we feel like doing.” The pair have been cracking each other up since 2001 when they met as students at Melbourne University – Hamish was enrolled in a science/commerce degree; Andy was studying marketing.

“When I met Hamish, everything he was doing I found funny and I found my response to him was making him funnier and vice versa,” Andy told Craig Bruce on the podcast earlier this year.

Andy, who famously dated supermodel Megan Gale for four years, is now in a steady relationship with model and PR account executive Rebecca Harding.

The couple met in 2015 when Bec was still studying and working as a waitress in a cafe.

So the pair played no part in selecting tales before scripting the re-enactments.

It took as many as 65 people working full-time to create 10 half-hour episodes, involving 138 speaking roles.

But now you don’t have to spend 25 years in the public eye to get a biopic.

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“It was while Hamish and I were on our break (having previously scaled back radio commitments before being lured back by a million deal and the promise of all the flexibility they needed to work on ).

It is a series that makes heroes of everyday Australians and this is the core of its charm.

“There have been many famous stories told as biopics: .

“We both have lisps, so to not be able to say the name of the show was going to be a terrible thing. “As far as conspiracy theories about this being the end of Hamish and Andy, I can pretty much say it is not.

Of course I do pay Andy 10 per cent of what I earn for being first … It is just us trying to figure out what’s next,” Hamish says. “Eventually there are only two ways to go in entertainment industry jobs and that is you leave or get sacked.

Photo: James Penlidis A good yarn is all in the telling.