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3) ‘I’m looking for someone as judgmental and overbearing as my own mother, and you have a scowl on you that could defeat an army’. ’ Okay, this is a one night stand chat up line we can get behind. OK, so maybe we give off the wrong vibe sometimes, but those men folk are so very simple. I’m going to want to send you a picture of a penis very, very soon’. LOL, I think we’ve all had one relationship spring from this old chestnut. 9) ‘You’re getting to that age now where you’re going to be too set in your ways to change all those annoying things about you and so I am, fancy a ride? 2) ‘I’ve looked it up and it’s okay for 2nd cousins, just not 1st cousins; so I’m in if you are’. 4) ‘Sometimes when I think about it, I get so lonely and I’ve realised I’m just as scared about death as anyone else and Christ you’ve only one life, and it’s hard to find ‘the one’ ya know? There was a great gif to go with this, but I can’t find it now. That’s why I’m in this bar again, for the 7th week running, 6 pints into a night out… 6) ‘There’s a prevailing trend of trying to reduce me to the rank of simpleton as a man because of some homogeneous media-driven crusade to situate us as eternal opposites just because of our genders, but I’m presuming you’re smart enough to see through this’. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising.

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She tells callers that she came to Ireland having been told she would be working with children. 1) ‘I’m gently insinuating I would like to have sex with you using the medium of a thinly veiled innuendo.’ Ha, you’ve got to hand it to them they have charm. Eh, sorry this last one is a joke obviously cus this dream guy doesn’t exist. It’s the classic that just keep on giving, you’ll find these gems coming out of the mouth of some lad with a GAA jersey on a packet of Taytos in his hand. 12) ‘You know, even though I own a penis I totally get the humour in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, and I also have my shit together’.You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. ANTI-PROSTITUTION ACTIVIST group Ruhama is part of a campaign which is to highlight how women who are trafficked into Ireland for sex are treated.

The #Where Is Andreea campaign will see dozens of posters which feature a silhouette of a woman and a phone number placed across Dublin city centre.The company added: "TV3 has always held the highest standards of advertising copy clearance and will continue to fully adhere to all regulatory requirements." Com Reg said it "understands that the 1500-numbered services that are referred to . The company added: "The comments attributed to Deputy Keating and reported elsewhere should be seen for what they are -- as ill- informed, of another era and potentially damaging to a successful Irish business of 16 years' good standing that operates fully within the law of this country and around the world." The company said that it would be writing to the Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte and the Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett to protest about Mr Keating's comments made on the floor of the Dail.

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