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Newer electric-start models no longer require a match.Propane bottle fuel now eliminates the need for building pressure manually.The portable Efficient Lamp used a pressure system to vaporize gasoline, mix it with air, and ignite it in a burner to heat the mantles. Fascinated by the lamp's intensity, Coleman sought out its owners and immediately began selling the product himself.Two years later, he bought the rights to the design, made some improvements, and renamed it the Coleman Arc Lamp.Over the next decade, variations of pressure mantle lamps emerged from Coleman and several competitors, including the Western Lighting Company (now Aladdin), whose founder was similarly inspired by a German kerosene mantle burner called the "Practicus." The Coleman Arc Lantern, introduced in 1914, was the first in a long succession of portable gas lantern models.Able to illuminate a circle 100 ft (30 m) in diameter, the Arc Lantern featured a protective metal hood to ward off wind, rain, and curious insects.A gas lantern is a lightweight, portable device that supplies bright, efficient light while protecting its contents from wind and rain.Rural dwellers and outdoorsmen alike have relied on variations of the modern gas lantern for roughly 100 years, allowing access to barns, cabins, campgrounds, and wooded paths beyond the daylight hours.

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A forerunner to the modern lantern was known as the Efficient Lamp, manufactured by the Connecticut-based Edward Miller Company. Coleman happened across an Efficient Lamp in the window of an Alabama drugstore.

While some globes are made of a metal mesh, heat-resistant borosilicate glass is still the most prevalent material used in globe production.

Often sold under the brand name Pyrex, the glass is formed from a combination of silica sand and boric oxide.

By the 1830s, a portable lamp had been developed using a pressure mechanism to force fuel oil to the burner.

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This concept, paired with the arrival of the first durable working mantle in 1885, led to the modern styles of portable lanterns used during the last hundred years.Other steel alloys are used for smaller parts such as the bail, collar, and pressure and ignition systems.