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02-Jan-2020 00:41

Application of certain provision to the State Bank of India and other notified banks 122. Act to apply to co-operative societies subject to modifications 1. Monthly returns and power to call for other returns and information 40. Power of Reserve Bank to appoint additional directors 55. Punishment for certain activities in relation to banking companies 57. Compensation to be given to share-holders of the acquired bank 60.

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Enforcement of contract contingent on an event happening 45. Quasi contracts (i) Necessaries supplied to a person incapable of contracting (ii) Reimbursement of persons paying money due by another in payment of which he is interested (iii) Obligation of persons enjoying benefit of non-gratuitous act (iv) Responsibility of finder of goods (v) Liability of person to whom money is paid, or thing delivered by mistake or under coercion (i) Debtor-Creditor relationship (ii) The relationship of Trustee and Cestui Que Trust (iii) The relationship of Principal and Agent (iv) The relationship of bailor and bailee (v) Bailor or Bailee Relation between Bank and godown keeper (vi) Banker's general lien to retain the goods (a) Money/securities deposited by customer for specific purposes (b) Articles kept for safe custody (c) Securities left inadvertently with the banker (d) Debts not matured (e) If the securities are not owned by the customer (a) To get statutory protection under Section 131, Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (b) To protect against fraud (c) To recover the inadvertent overdraft to customer (d) To provide opinion about the customer to other bankers Opening of account by local bodies (x) Company Liquidators (xi) Statutory corporations (xii) Government Departments (a) Receipts from the public (b) Payments to the public or officers of the department (i) Transferability (ii) Property in negotiable instrument passes by delivery, or by endorsement and delivery of instrument (iii) Transferee of negotiable instrument gets title free from defects of the transferors title (iv) Any party liable to the instrument can sue or be sued in his own name (v) Passing of consideration is presumed 3. Liability of Legal Representative signing an instrument 5. Negotiable Instrument expressed to the order of specified person and not to him or his order is payable to him or his order 11. Essentials of a Promissory Note (i) The instrument must be in writing (ii) The instrument should contain a promise to pay and the promise must be express (iii) The undertaking to pay must be unconditional (iv) The promissory note should be signed by the maker (v) The maker or the person signing must be a certain person (vi) The promise should be to pay a certain sum (vii) The amount payable should be in money and money only (viii) The payee should be certain (ix) A bank note or a currency note is not a promissory note (x) Payment endorsement on a promissory note (i) Bill must be in writing (ii) Bill must contain an order to pay (iii) Order to pay must be unconditional (iv) Bill must be signed by the drawer (v) Drawee must be certain (vi) Sum payable must be certain (vii) Bill must contain an order to pay money and money only (viii) Payee must be certain person 23.

Rates of interest charged by banking companies not to be subject to scrutiny by Courts 34. Restrictions on opening of new and transfer of existing places of business 36.

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