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22-May-2020 15:53

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To me that seems just not very honest and I personally couldn't develop a trusting relationship from such a situation. I've had a handful of men stop seeing me because I didn't sleep with them on the first, second, or third date.Of course my female friends who do have sex during the first few dates are considered "sluts." There's no way to win here. As long as one is honest about it, why the hell not.What I have never experienced myself is someone doing the whole "casual dating thing" where you have multiple partners at the same time, possible even sleeping with all of them while you are sort of trying to figure out who's the best match.

On the other hand I know quite a lot of people (male and female) who lead more or less happy single lifes with varying partners (though most of them are not hooking up with someone every other night).One thing I've noticed in comparison to for example American culture is how dating works especially among young people.