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Not ironically, however, we see that the name of God’s great warrior “Michael” means, “who is like God? a humble and enduring testament to the true source of life and grace.Additionally, (for those keeping score at home) Gabriel means “God is my strength” and Raphael means “God has healed.” These are but three of the archangels, each one yielding tremendous power, and worthy of an invitation to intercession. Michael Prayer has become commonplace within our home and within my daily life. Some people even think (or “hope”) we will become angels after we die. Many “post-moderns,” too, outright dismiss angels and all else “unseen” as untrustworthy, relegating the spiritual life to little more than that which occurs upon a yoga mat. Our Lord Jesus, Himself, attested to this fact repeatedly throughout the Gospels. We see angels adorned in white and in light, but truthfully, our perception of angels often comes more from the depictions we’ve seen in art or film than from the word of God. Whether in paintings or on television, artists still offer various and varying interpretations regarding angels – what they look like, and how they behave. It is important to state that even more emphatically in this modern culture when people so quickly blur the line between tradition, legend, myth, cliché and amalgamations therein.One of the areas in which people seem supremely “confused” in their theology of angels is in regards to their purpose.

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The name “angel” comes via ecclesiastical Latin, from the Greek word angelos or the Hebrew word malakh, both meaning “messenger.” Angels are pure spirit, in other words, they have no physical bodies.

For God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways.