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So let's arrive for the start of the event and enjoy it to the utmost! In the beginning, the average foreigner in Japan doesn't know that this cute girl is not really interested in him as a person, it's just because he is a foreigner, an exotic oddball, a rebellious statement sometimes, too often a trophy. While the above type is just out there because they like a certain type or thing, the ones who studied/lived/traveled abroad are a bit more refined.

So if you think that this party pick-up you had an amazing conversation with, who you could really connect to, who was surprisingly open with you and enjoyed a great night with, is really girlfriend material, take a closer look. Just like me, who developed an affinity for Japan and its culture, those who've been in Europe or America, develop a certain taste for the things they learned to enjoy. Often, under the pretense of language exchange, you meet women who want to practice with you.

Here is an excerpt of an event description of a fairly popular and seemingly harmless international party organization. In our parties a lot of ladies come early or on time so we recommend you also get there for the start of our parties so you can meet the most people and get the best value and some good food while it is not crowded!

Also sometimes the ladies arrive but don't come in, or leave early after half an hour or an hour if there are not many foreigners . If you can live with the fact that women simply want to have fun and you're just an exotic sex-object sometimes, no problem right? The door swings both ways in Japan and sexual freedom is actually a thing here without too much of a social stigma. I don't want to bother you with sub-types but there are some differences I noticed while meeting the women who prefer foreigners.

But sooner or later you'll realize where this was intented to be heading.

One girl I was teaching, who was a weekly student completely broke off contact with me just because I didn't really give in to her subtle hints and shy advances.

Or the sister of another of my regular students who just broke up with her foreign boyfriend, who met me simply under the pretense of language exchange but then couldn't hide how fucked up she is over her recent break-up.Generally, I felt that those who had lived abroad do understand you a bit better, respect your values more and don't just like you for having blue eyes for example.If they have good memories of the place they visited, they are almost desperate to associate these emotions with you, giving you a good chance of making yourself and your culture look good while enjoying time with a lovely, rather open-minded women.So I just went with it while it lasted and enjoyed it pretty much.

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She went to Japan for around 3 months and while technically being still together, she not only cheated on me, she ended the relationship officially without me knowing about it.Of course she was beautiful, kind and supportive and almost like the Japanese girlfriend stereotype men all over the world dream of, but she also fulfilled many other clichees that are not so good.

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