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29-Feb-2020 13:06

Watch as she wets, poops and plays in her messy diaper, enjoying the feeling of the mushy warmth spread all over her butt and ozzing between her legs."I'm gonna fill this diaper up so good!

"There can be no doubt whatsoever that Kim loves to poop herself, and she adores the feeling of sitting on her poop and squishing it through her diaper.

I jiggle around and cross my legs, I push my hand hard against my diapered butt when I begin to feel the pressure of the poop wanting to escape.

I'm scrubbing as fast as I can but I can feel it, I can feel the end of it staring to poke out! I can feel it sliding further out until it's squished itself against the back of my diaper!

Mmmmm a warm squishy poop landing in a big puddle of pee inside a VERY soggy diaper!

I'm determined to get done before I let this poop out.

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I'm too sleepy to go and use the bathroom and plus I have a diaper on anyway!

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