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21-Apr-2020 08:37

The rumbling explosion in the lower hold and increasingly acrid smoke on deck sent the captain's assistant scurrying into her master's cabin.

But after closing and barring the door behind her, the young woman turned to the captain and froze in astonishment.

I've listened to your podcasts way too much the past four months, and I've gone from not even understanding the absolute beginners to being able to keep up in the intermediate level podcasts.

: D Popup Chinese provides world-class podcasts and tools for learning mandarin.I took no formal Chinese courses and until today, I had paid no money.But I'm subscribing today not because I need the extra features but because I am very grateful for your service.Although Popup Chinese is a free education company, we support ourselves by selling premium subscriptions which unlock lesson transcripts and dialogue-only recordings, while allowing you to download all of our audio files to your computer to listen whenever you want through your mobile phone or mp3 player. If you run into any problems or have feedback, please drop us a line at .

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So basically the opposite of using the conventional textbooks that have guided my first couple of years of studying Chinese.